Here's What Students Thought About Their Weekend!

Kristin’s "Getting Stitched on the Farm Weekend" was not just about the color of yarn you picked to stitch on your swatch, it was about all of the color that encompasses Kristin and her family's life on Leyden Glen Farm that was shared with myself and the other attendees. It does not get any more colorful then that. When can I go back?
C.D., Roslindale, MA

I loved the small class size. It let us all get to know one another and to talk to Kristin, both individually and as a group. It was such a great opportunity to learn from someone who has a passion for art in so many different media, who lives and works with the creative process every day.

Color without fear...that's what kept running through my mind while I was absorbing Kristin's home, her knitting, and her art. I left on Sunday with lots of vibrant color ideas to warm a whole winter's worth of knitting.

It's just a swatch! That was our class mantra. By the time class ended, we'd cut it in half, trimmed off an end to fringe, lopped off the bottom part and added new edgings, and embellished the remainder with all sorts of embroidery stitches. In Kristin's hands swatches aren't just about gauge; they're about design.

While watching out for all the technical constraints, Kristin primarily thinks of knitting as an opportunity to be creative. It's very liberating to think that way; patterns become guidelines or the seed of a project you can really make your own.

S.R., Albany, NY

Kristin taught us to open our eyes and use what you see around you in your knitting, showing us many examples and getting the creative juices flowing. Kristin is a master at embellishing. She’ll knit a bit of fair isle or intarsia then go back to it and embroider/embellish/duplicate stitch it to the point of absolute beauty. She really taught me that much like film making, the post production is as important as the pre and actual production. She got me thinking more about knitting in stages rather than all at once. A very valuable lesson. I was sad to pack up my knitting bag, bid farewell to all the animals and our wonderful hosts. It really was a family affair and I so enjoyed the company of Kristin, her family and the wonderful knitting ladies I bonded with over the weekend.
T.G., Jersey City, NJ

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