Saturday One Day Retreat
August 4, 2012

This one day retreat will awaken your creative knitting and crochet juices. Knitters and crocheters are welcome. First thing, we will hop right into learning about color and how to combine colors effectively and fearlessly. You will learn how to see color, how to combine colors, and how to work with colors. We will take our inspiration from nature and from art. You will learn how to use these techniques when designing your own projects later in the day.

You will need to complete some homework you will receive upon registration to get the most out of your day at the farm. This class is not for beginners but is for knitters and crocheters who have basic skills and the desire to learn.

Using the knitting or crochet homework that you bring with you, you will learn how to build your own flower creations. Depending on your skill level and speed, you may learn how to create your very own flower design. You will be able to bring your projects home to felt them or we may felt some of the projects if time allows. This will be a creative and fun day spent in a lovely setting and you will leave excited to try more of the techniques out when you get back to your very own home.

Here are some projects which use flowers and you will be able to use the flowers you make in similar projects.

Pillow with attached felted sunflowers

Napkin rings made from flowers

A grapevine wreath adorned with felted flowers
Class includes farm lunch, hand-outs, some supplies, and a goodie bag.
Arrival 10 a.m.
Departure 4:30 p.m.
Cost: $225 
Spaces still available.

Class is sold out. Please email me to be put on the waiting list!
Click below to pay $225. Refunds can only be made up to the 60 days before the class date for one day retreats. There will be a $20 bookkeeping fee for any refunds.
Payment may also be made by credit card via telephone. Please email me with your phone number and I will call you at time suggested to take your credit card number. Email: kristinnicholas AT gmail DOT com

If you want to make the day into a weekend, check out the local places to stay here
The Pioneer Valley is full of wonderful wool-inspired businesses. Extend your stay with visits to a few of the places listed here

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For further information, see the main "Get Stitched on the Farm with Kristin Nicholas Website" here.

The following photos show projects that past students have made at a Two Day Flower Retreat. 


Saturday One Day Retreat
September 15, 2012

This is a great class for knitters who want to learn how to knit in two colors. You will learn how to:
1. Knit on double pointed needles in the round
2. Knit with two colors in the same round.
3. How to make a steek.
4. How to cut a steek.
5. How to sew in a separating zipper.

There is a small bit of homework necessary for this class. You will be sent instructions to make two small garter stitch pieces which we will use to make this cute little bag.

You will need to bring size 6 or 7 double pointed needles.  My gorgeous Color By Kristin yarn will be provided.

Morning Session: 
We will begin with sewing in our zipper and making our cute little bag. When we are done with this little project, we will move onto our how-to session on knitting in the Fair Isle technique. You will learn how to follow a chart and how a chart is developed. The swatch below was made with Fair Isle Knitting worked in the round with a steek that was cut. You will make a piece similar to this swatch (although not this big nor complicated).

Fair Isle Steeked Swatch
As the afternoon progresses, we will continue our Fair Isle Knitting. Each student will then learn to sew and cut their own little tube, thus making it into a piece of flat knitting. This technique is the "dreaded" steeking technique that so many knitters fear. I promise - I will hold your hand!

Class includes arrival snacks, farm lunch, hand-outs, two balls of Color By Kristin Yarn for your Fair Isle Swatch. and a goodie bag.
Arrival 9:30 a.m.
Departure 4:30 p.m.
Cost: $225

If you want to make the day into a weekend, check out the local places to stay here
The Pioneer Valley is full of wonderful wool-inspired businesses. Extend your stay with visits to a few of the places listed here

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As of September 9, there are currently 8 spaces available. Class is limited to 10 students.

For further information, see the main "Get Stitched on the Farm with Kristin Nicholas Website" here. If you have any questions, call 413.774.6514 or email kristinnicholasATgmailDOTcom.


Autumn On a New England Sheep Farm
Knitting and Stitching Immersion Weekend

Visit Leyden Glen Farm when the autumn leaves are turning gold, red, orange, and bronze (nature permitting). See growing lambs grazing in the pastures. This class is for anyone from advanced beginner to experienced knitter. The Weekend includes two days of knitting, stitching and color instruction, a farm tour, a hayride, two lunches, and one dinner.

You will leave incredibly inspired and you will never think of your knitting the same. To read past student's comments about their experiences on Kristin's Weekend Retreats, click here

You will be supplied with a couple homework assignments to bring finished which will be used in the course of the weekend.

DAY ONE: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Farm Tour and Introduction
Tour of the Farmhouse
All about Working with Color 
You will learn how Kristin sees color and how you too can become confident when working with color in your knitting and stitching life.

Afternoon: Embroidery on Knits
You will learn to embroidery on your knitted creations. You will bring a knitted homework swatch with you and you will decorate it similar to the swatches in this photo:

Late Afternoon: You will have time to relax in the garden or on the porch before we take off on an old-fashioned hayride. Enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine while you visit with other students. 

Dinner: Dinner features our farm-raised grilled Leyden Glen Lamb and other seasonal bounty of the Pioneer Valley. You will be treated to stories of the agriculture and area by Kristin, Mark and Julia. The dinner is always such a special time of the retreat where there is lots of laughter and fun. Spouses or traveling companions are welcome to the dinner.

DAY TWO: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Morning: Steeking
Students will bring have a "Fair Isle sunflower homework pillow-top" which they will bring with them. During the Steeking Segment, you will sew and cut your own steek and learn to how to pick up around the edges. You will begin your mitered edge.

Afternoon: Fanciful Edgings and Wrap-Up
You will learn all about colorful edging treatments like these:

What is Included:
Sept 29/30 Weekend Retreat includes 

Two lunches on Saturday and Sunday
Saturday evening hayride with The Farmer 
One Saturday evening dinner
    (Traveling partners are welcome for an extra charge)

Full instruction and hand-outs
Goodie bag. 

Class size is limited to six students. 

Total Cost is $500
Lodging is not included. Click here for suggestions for local lodging.

Click here to go to the Registration and Payment Page. 

To read past student's comments about their experiences on Kristin's Weekend Retreats, click here

One Day Private Knitting Retreats at Leyden Glen Farm

Class size is limited to 8 people but must have a minimum of 6 to run. 
Cost for a custom retreat is 
$225/student for Saturday or Sunday class or 
$175/student for weekday classes. 
Includes lunch, a goodie bag and some supplies. 

Classes run from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with a break for lunch. 

Choose from the following class subjects. Pick two to make up your day.
Embroidery on Knits
Colorful Edgings on Knits
Steeking and How to Knit with Two Colors in the Round
Knitting Flowers and Leaves
The Joy of Color

Your group will be provided with homework which must be made and brought with you.

Combine a trip to Webs Yarn Store in Northampton or one of the other lovely yarn and fabric stores near here, a visit to Historic Deerfield, and a day learning about knitting with Kristin for a once in a lifetime memorable weekend away from home. See this page for all that our beautiful Pioneer Valley has to offer. Leyden Glen Farm is located 2 hours west of Boston and 3 1/2 hours north of NYC.

Please e-mail Kristin (kristinnicholasATgmailDOTcom) with your desired date and she will get back to you with the availability of the farm and studio. 

Kristin is not available until the month of August in 2011 because of prior commitments.

Kristin can also teach other textile crafts:
Embroidery on Fabric with Wool Crewel Yarn
Fabric Printing
Fabric Painting on Lampshades
Decorative Painting on Walls 
Bring some friends and Kristin will build you a custom class!

2012 Class Schedule

Click on the Dates to learn about each class and to see prices. 
Kristin reserves the right to cancel the class if there are not enough students. Please check that your class will run before purchasing airline tickets.

Saturday, September 15, 2012
One Day Retreat
Fair Isle Knitting, Double Pointed Needles
Steeking and Sewing in a Zipper

September 29 and 30, 2012
Two Day Weekend Retreat
Autumn On a New England Sheep Farm
This is the full-monty...
Long days creating, stitching, and learning
(from 9 to 5)
3 fabulous meals including a lamb barbeque Saturday evening
coffee, tea, drinks and snacks
a farm tour with "The Farmer"
and a hayride on an old-fashioned haywagon 
pulled by the farm tractor.

WANT TO BRING YOUR OWN KNITTING GROUP TO THE FARM FOR A DAY? Leyden Glen Farm and Kristin Nicholas are available for custom classes for your own group of friends! This is a great opportunity for a group of friends or a small faction of a knitting guild to have a very special creative knitting, stitching and color experience. Kristin's availability is subject to family commitments and her teaching schedule. 

Click here to learn more about Private Retreats for your group.

For Yarn Stores and Knitting Guilds:
Leyden Glen Farm is available for one day Knitting Guild Visits and Classes and Special Workshops for Yarn Shops. WOW your customers or guild members by bringing them to Leyden Glen Farm for a very special day of learning about color, knitting and stitching. Please contact Kristin via e-mail or phone for further information. Classes can be adapted to your interests.

E-Mail Kristin at kn AT kristinnicholas DOT com for further information.

Click here for registration and payment information. 

Click here for Cancellation Policy.

For further information, see the main "Get Stitched on the Farm with Kristin Nicholas Website" here.

Registration and Payment for Classes 2012

Payment in full is best made by Paypal. If you do not use Paypal, payment by personal check is possible. See the end of this page if you would like to pay via personal check. This year, we can also accommodate regular credit card payments if necessary. You will have to call us with your credit card number. Please e-mail any questions and to receive the phone number.

Once payment is made, you will receive a Registration Form (in PDF format) to fill out and return by mail or e-mail. Please read the Cancellation Form and the Farmhouse Need to Know Pages and FAQ before registering.
SEPTEMBER 15, 2012

Click below to pay $225. Refunds can only be made up to the 60 days before the class date for one day retreats. There will be a $20 bookkeeping fee for any refunds.
NINE spaces available.

SEPTEMBER 29/30, 2012

Refunds can only be made up to the 60 days before the class date for the Two Day Retreat. There will be a $20 bookkeeping fee for any refunds.

TWO spaces still available as of 8/31/12.

Click below to register and pay for the entire class fee ($500) for the SEPTEMBER 29/30, 2012 Knitting + Stitching Retreat at Leyden Glen Farm.

Click below to pay your $300 deposit. Remaining payment will be due by July 30. You will be sent a Paypal invoice for the remaining payment.

If you want to take one of the classes and do not choose to pay for the class via Paypal, you can send a check or pay by regular credit card. Please e-mail Kristin immediately to request a Registration form by e-mail. Send the form with a check to the address which will be found on the form. 

For regular credit card payments, you will have to call with your credit card number. Send an email and we will give you the number to call. 

If you have any questions, you may contact Kristin by e-mail and she will either answer your questions or call you.

Kristin's e-mail is: knATkristinnicholasDOTcom

Celebration of Color, Flowers, Knitting and Stitching Class

These are some photos from the 2010 Celebration of Color, Flowers and Knitting Class. Almost all of the projects were made by my students.

Come and "Get Stitched" at Kristin Nicholas' Leyden Glen Farm

Kristin Nicholas announces a new series of intensive and inspirational Knitting and Stitching Weekend Classes being held at Leyden Glen Farm, her family’s sheep farm and farmhouse in western Massachusetts. Classes will be held throughout the year in the antique cape farmhouse, in her studio, and gardens. Come and experience a weekend on a working sheep farm with one of North America’s most well-known handknitting designers. 

See the main Knitting Retreat Website HERE!

•Sheep Grazing at the Front of the Cape House which was built in 1751•

A very small group of dedicated, creative knitting enthusiasts is invited to share Kristin’s inspirational farmhouse space while learning her knitting and stitching techniques. Participants will be inspired by Kristin’s hand-painted walls, her library full of knitting, stitching and art books, her ethnic and historic textile collection, and the antiques and ceramics that decorate the family’s home.

•The Dining Room with Kristin's Hand-Painted Walls•

•The Library with Kristin's Hand-Painted Walls•

The participants will get to enjoy the screened-in porch, the hammock strung between two apple trees, the Adirondack chairs, and garden spaces while breathing in the surrounding hillsides, abandoned apple orchard, grazing sheep, farm kitties, Border Collies, and chickens. Roosters will crow, sheep will baaaah, dogs will bark and cats will purr. A memory will be made that you can keep for the rest of your life. Kristin is creative, funny, down-to-earth and you’ll love her energy and joie de vivre attitude towards knitting and life.

•The Screened-In Porch during the Summer•

•Sheep Grazing the Pasture Below the Hills•

•Chickens Roosting•

About Kristin Nicholas
Kristin’s home and needlework has been featured in many magazines including Country Home, Country Living, Better Homes and Garden’s Embellish, Vogue Knitting, Family Circle Knitting, Knit Simple, Knitter’s, House and Garden and more. Kristin is a Knitting Expert on PBS’s Knit and Crochet Today and has appeared as well on Martha Stewart Living (February 2004). Kristin is the author and/or illustrator of 8 books including Kristin Knits, Knitting the New Classics, Colorful Stitchery and the her newest book Color by Kristin (Sixth and Spring, November 2009).
Kristin lives with her husband Mark Duprey and daughter Julia at Leyden Glen Farm in western Massachusetts. Her family will also participate some in the weekend's festivities.

Class Size
Class size is limited to six participants. Everyone will get plenty of time to ask lots of questions while soaking up the artsy, farmhouse atmosphere. Sign up as soon as you can, as space is very limited.

What is the Cost of the Weekend?
$500 for the two days of total immersion in knitting, stitching, or fabric decoration which includes lunch and dinner on Saturday, lunch on Sunday and snacks and beverages on both days. This cost does not include accommodations.

To learn more about Kristin Nicholas, visit her website.
Kristin is the author of the popular blog Getting Stitched on the Farm.

Farmhouse Rules and Need To Know

Leyden Glen Farm is a working sheep farm and artist’s home. Please do not expect perfection and suburban looking tidiness. We try our best but things happen. We don’t have a gardener or housekeeper - the two of us do it all ourselves. Along with raising farm animals, comes all kinds of extra bonuses such as manure, mud, and bugs. Our cats and dogs are in the house and out. If any of these things may make you uncomfortable, please re-consider enrolling.

The house and studio is set up on three floors. The farmhouse was built in 1751 and is a working farmhouse. It is not handicapped accessible. This is real life here and it is charming but it surely isn’t as picture perfect as it looks in magazine photos and in most people’s minds.

First off, Leyden Glen Farm is a working farm and farmhouse. Please do not wear fancy clothing, including white pants. When you leave, they certainly won’t be white anymore! Sundresses, shorts, and blue jeans work best. In the summer, bring a sweater or a shawl because evenings can be chilly.

This is a real farm and there are lots of animals. There are working, jumpy Border Collies. There are sheep and chickens. We have nine farm cats that go in and out of the house. There is often a litter of kittens. If you are allergic to cats or dogs, this probably isn’t the class for you.

Fences are there for a reason and many are electrified. Please heed them. If you want to take a walk through a field, please check with Mark or Kristin.

Private spaces of the farmhouse are not open to class attendees.

Our water comes from a farm well. Wasting of water is not allowed, otherwise we may not be able to flush the toilet.

There are a lot of hills and valleys around our house so flat shoes, preferably sneakers or “Merrell-type” footwear is advisable. Look down while walking.

Please leave your cell phone in your car.

What you’ll need to bring:

Bug spray


If you have special dietary restrictions, we will need to know. This is a private home and we cook with nuts, eat meat, and drink cow’s milk. If you don’t, that’s fine too, just know we do.


You’ll need to bring an 8 x 8” swatch knit in stockinette stitch knit of worsted weight yarn. Bring matching needles and several colors of contrasting worsted weight yarn (part balls okay).

If you would like to bring your own collection of Kristin’s books for her to sign, please do so. She would love to sign them. Many of her books will be available for sale and takeaway.

What’s not included:

Transportation to and from the class and your lodging. If you are flying, you’ll need to rent a car at the airport.
You should print out the Directions to the Farmhouse and bring them with you. You can find them here.

Sorry, at this time, we are not offering half or day classes. Weekend workshops only. Check back in case things change.

Lamb Sales
You’d like to take away a whole or half frozen lamb when you leave? We can make arrangements! Make sure to bring a cooler for the lamb to transport it. See our Leyden Glen Lamb website for pricing.

Smoking policy

Smoking is NOT permitted in the farmhouse, on the porch or in the classes. However, you may smoke outdoors away from the house as long as you bring your smoking remains inside and put them in the trash.

Is Internet Access available?
No, we have dial-up. You wouldn’t even want to try. Cell phone service seems to work somewhat but we prefer that you leave your cellphone in your car.

What is the Cost of the Weekend?

Cost: $500 for the 2 days which includes lunch and dinner on Saturday, lunch on Sunday and snacks and beverages on both days.

Cancellation Policies

If you must cancel your participation in a class, your class fee will be refunded except for a $10 cancellation fee.

In the unfortunate event that Kristin Nicholas should have to cancel a class for any reason, all fees, including deposits, will be fully refunded. The costs of any travel arrangements you may have made will not be reimbursed.

Note that if a class does not have a sufficient number of students, it may be cancelled so please check ahead before booking any airline tickets.