Farmhouse Rules and Need To Know

Leyden Glen Farm is a working sheep farm and artist’s home. Please do not expect perfection and suburban looking tidiness. We try our best but things happen. We don’t have a gardener or housekeeper - the two of us do it all ourselves. Along with raising farm animals, comes all kinds of extra bonuses such as manure, mud, and bugs. Our cats and dogs are in the house and out. If any of these things may make you uncomfortable, please re-consider enrolling.

The house and studio is set up on three floors. The farmhouse was built in 1751 and is a working farmhouse. It is not handicapped accessible. This is real life here and it is charming but it surely isn’t as picture perfect as it looks in magazine photos and in most people’s minds.

First off, Leyden Glen Farm is a working farm and farmhouse. Please do not wear fancy clothing, including white pants. When you leave, they certainly won’t be white anymore! Sundresses, shorts, and blue jeans work best. In the summer, bring a sweater or a shawl because evenings can be chilly.

This is a real farm and there are lots of animals. There are working, jumpy Border Collies. There are sheep and chickens. We have nine farm cats that go in and out of the house. There is often a litter of kittens. If you are allergic to cats or dogs, this probably isn’t the class for you.

Fences are there for a reason and many are electrified. Please heed them. If you want to take a walk through a field, please check with Mark or Kristin.

Private spaces of the farmhouse are not open to class attendees.

Our water comes from a farm well. Wasting of water is not allowed, otherwise we may not be able to flush the toilet.

There are a lot of hills and valleys around our house so flat shoes, preferably sneakers or “Merrell-type” footwear is advisable. Look down while walking.

Please leave your cell phone in your car.

What you’ll need to bring:

Bug spray


If you have special dietary restrictions, we will need to know. This is a private home and we cook with nuts, eat meat, and drink cow’s milk. If you don’t, that’s fine too, just know we do.


You’ll need to bring an 8 x 8” swatch knit in stockinette stitch knit of worsted weight yarn. Bring matching needles and several colors of contrasting worsted weight yarn (part balls okay).

If you would like to bring your own collection of Kristin’s books for her to sign, please do so. She would love to sign them. Many of her books will be available for sale and takeaway.

What’s not included:

Transportation to and from the class and your lodging. If you are flying, you’ll need to rent a car at the airport.
You should print out the Directions to the Farmhouse and bring them with you. You can find them here.

Sorry, at this time, we are not offering half or day classes. Weekend workshops only. Check back in case things change.

Lamb Sales
You’d like to take away a whole or half frozen lamb when you leave? We can make arrangements! Make sure to bring a cooler for the lamb to transport it. See our Leyden Glen Lamb website for pricing.

Smoking policy

Smoking is NOT permitted in the farmhouse, on the porch or in the classes. However, you may smoke outdoors away from the house as long as you bring your smoking remains inside and put them in the trash.

Is Internet Access available?
No, we have dial-up. You wouldn’t even want to try. Cell phone service seems to work somewhat but we prefer that you leave your cellphone in your car.

What is the Cost of the Weekend?

Cost: $500 for the 2 days which includes lunch and dinner on Saturday, lunch on Sunday and snacks and beverages on both days.